What happens if the weather is bad?

Beautiful Blighty eh? Weather can be an issue, clouds are actually great for shooting in and some light rain won’t stop a shoot going ahead, however if it is due to pour we will reschedule a shoot and if you can’t make the rescheduled shoot we will offer you another of our upcoming shoots.

How long does a shoot last

A typical kids shoot lasts from 20-30 minutes, we tend to find children’s attention spans do not last very long and 30 minutes is more than enough time to capture the beauty of your child.
A ‘Liberty’ shoot can last up to 4 hours, a ‘Liberty’ shoot is a process of stripping you back to your core and making you fearless and brave and taking the shot when you are truly ready.

What shall we wear?

We love neutrals and layers, natural fabric that can show the light coming through works great, for more inspiration please visit our pintrest boards at … https://uk.pinterest.com/dimples_daisies/

I am nervous about the Liberty shoot being a group shoot?

We have tried group shoots and individual and what we found most empowering and had the biggest impact on women was realising that all women are perfectly imperfect. Once you are stripped bare of jeans and realise that she has stretchmarks and she has cellulite and she has a wobbly tummy and she has a big bum, you also start to realise that she has amazing eyes and her legs are beautifully long and her hair is like a mermaids, and suddenly you have a group of women who feel unashamed of their bodies and who are complimenting each other. It is about time women told each other how lovely they are. Our liberty shoots are shame free zones, we try to focus on the positives so encourage you to tell us the parts you love about yourself so we can capture those lovely bits.

I am really nervous, shall I just cancel?

NO. NO. NO. Every single woman that comes to a Liberty shoot for the first time is nervous as hell! But magic always happens when you have snakes in your belly because it means you are about to break through a fear barrier and when you feel fearless you start to realise you can do anything, and then suddenly the worlds your oyster. We are your stepping stone for that.

I am waiting to lose weight, shall I book later?

NO. Again, NO! Our favourite models over the years have ranged from a size 12 to a 20 and skinny does not equal sexy. Confidence equals sexy! Now stop putting off the things you want to do and just get on and book!

PS we know skinny people are sexy, very sexy, but we are just saying skinny doesn’t equal sexy.

Do you have a studio?

Yes we dooooo, we have a beautiful studio shop in Southsea. It is a 1 minute walk from Palmerston Road.