I am writing now as an individual newly welcomed into the Dimples & Daisies family. For some crazy fantastic reason, I have been nominated as the woman to introduce you all to a world of regularly updated blog posts, insights into the minds of the craziest, most wonderful creatives of our team and to give you all sneak previews of our latest test shoots, behind-the-scenes and ideas for the future.

So, to introduce myself as the first of many voices in this blog, I am Aurora, a uni student spending the summer in the arms of the wonderful D&D family. My own work brings me into the immortalised world of womanhood, myth and magic. I’m a fan of red lipstick and cheese toasties, and I own about 38 pairs of fluffy socks. And that’s all you really need to know about me.

So to go back to Dimples and Daisies, I really wanted this first post of mine to talk about new beginnings. Not just mine, as I begin my life as a creative belonging in the company, not just the company as it begins this year, but as a community, a combination of us and you, together.

When I was first asked to write this blog, I had no idea what to do. I shifted myself around our beautiful studio, coffee in hand, notebook in the other. But it was only when I had travelled home, that I realised where this needed to be written. I sat on a bench in a park filled with cherry blossoms and fresh green leaves, as children ran around with footballs and daisy chains, soon realising that not everything can be written at a desk. Dimples and Daisies is about more than just people, it’s about nature. Sitting here, in the centre of it all, I realised I needed to write about new beginnings, because that’s what the season is bringing.

When I began at Dimples, we had just entered the Springtime. Shoots were filled with daffodils, bitter-sweet sunlight and longer days as Spring unfolded beneath our feet. It was a time for new beginnings. New parents brought in their small squishy babies, puppies fluttered around the studio and there was an atmosphere of excitement as we monitored the blossoming of magnolia, the springing bluebells and yellowed petals of daffodils. Nature itself was yearning for a new start, as we endeavoured to make this year an even stronger, brighter, more wonderful experience for every woman, man, child, baby and animal that entered our doors. A studio filled with ideas of creation – new shoots, new locations, new people. Battered, well-loved furniture was moved out of our studio as we brought in our beautiful tea-filled cabinets and rose marbled tables. Cushioned seats were moved into sunlight, where we sat to sip hot coffee and discuss all our new exciting adventures we were ready to embark on. Cold, snow covered mornings were behind us as we looked to the lavender, the rivers and the liberations we were to bring. A new year brings hundreds of women to empower, families to reconnect with the natural world and babies to name and bring into the life of immortal photographs. And we can’t wait for it all.

Over the next few weeks, my colleagues and I shall be updating you all on the shoots we are all part of, the art that we are forming with our minds and bodies and where we are heading, as the force of nature that we are. Booking a shoot is about more than just being a part of a photograph, it’s about being part of an adventure. Join us as we reconnect humanity with nature, every day, for the rest of an immortal artist’s life.