From outdoor photography to studio with kids and babies.

It’s been four months since we moved into our beautiful shop in Grove Road South, Southsea, the transition from letting kids run wild in a field to watching them connect with us in a small space has been quite the learning curve for me, but I am so happy with how it is going and how beautiful the photos are looking. When we opened the studio I envisaged it as a base and I could never imagine enjoying shooting within four walls.  With all that natural light we decided to give it a go. We had a very clear image in our head of what the images should look like. We wanted light, airy, authentic, simple, timeless and beautiful, and after four months I can’t stop looking at the photos and how proud I am of them. Our little corner of the world has it’s own signature style now, and it fills us all with pride.

Back to basics, with photography, with parenting with life.

This sentence has been a lifeline since I first heard it, I apply it to everything when I feel overwhelmed or I have a new challenge. Working with children you can never be 100% sure how they are going to be during their session, and what we have learned from the children is that if they don’t want to play ball then first we need to check that their primary needs are met, hunger, thirst, tired etc, if those needs are met what is next? For my children it has always been attention and connection and they are always my second port of call. My vision for photography is simple, see the child through the eyes of the mother, capture the child looking at you the way it looks at his or her own mama. Quite simply for a child to look at you the way he or she looks at their mother they need to like us.

Kid's Photography Studio Connecting with the child.

If I can connect with the child, the mother can connect with the photo of the child, and then so can my audience. It is that simple. When you are stuck always go back to basics, if a child is shy or doesn’t want to cooperate invest some time by reading to them or playing with them, I personally am much more likely to do something for someone whom I like than someone who I don’t. Basics. I find this works with parenting frustrations, people you meet, are they fed and watered, do they need some connection. With all things if something isn’t working or you feel frustrated stand back and go back to basics, have a conversation. With big people. Even with the little people. Especially with the little people. But I promise it will give you fresh eyes, new insight and better results every time.

Thank you for reading