What do I want to do with my one wild and precious life??? Play and grow, play and grow, and love and love and love. I have decided to make a video about how to become creative when one feels creatively thwarted or afraid of failure, or like ‘ I  just don’t have a creative bone in my body’.

Step One

Stop caring about other peoples opinions or seeking permision to start making!!!!

It is sooooooo important that you are open to messing it up often, that making mistakes is a good thing, that you are not in persuit of getting it right but you are in persuit of doing something. We go to school, we draw something, some little girl says ‘that looks like scribbling’, then we do a painting and our teacher rips it up, then we go to college and an art teacher tells us it just isn’t ‘A level enough’. So we stop doing what makes our soul happy because we worry that we are getting it wrong, and forget it was never about ticking a box, we painted for hours because it brought us joy. Being creative is about creating an imperfect thing, as much as possible, until perfection becomes something you laugh at because while everyone is judging your last piece you are already making your next one, and maybe cocking it up, but loving the process so much that you no longer care about the critics, because if they say it is good or if they say it’s bad you will still carry on anyway.

Step Two

Second important thing about creativity is commitment to your craft. Basically so not stop, the difference between the ones who make it and the ones that don’t is that the ones who do never gave up, it wasn’t that they didn’t mess up 100 times, or listen to people saying how awful they were, but those things had no baring on them continuing or not. Also the more frequently you can practice the better. I gave up painting, my absolute favourite thing as a child at 18, and I have never done it since, however after a 9 year break I started making art again, 3 years ago I was gifted a camera, and decided to commit to taking one photo a day, with the assumption that by doing that I would more than likely improve and I could make instant art. I need to take photos, if money was no object I would still be walking around, taking photos of women, and telling them how gorgeous they are, because that comes naturally to me.

Step Three

Thirdly, with creativity you are allowed to dream as big as you want, but the more you do something and the better you get at it, the more it becomes important to you, and at some point someone will notice, and they might even say, can I give you some money to be creative for me. There is a man in the USA who makes moose calls for a living, he was so intent on perfecting his moose calls that he used recording devices to practice and to see if he could entice some moose’s with his mock mating calls. He succeeded, now he sells his audios and he teaches, point being, do what you love, and get so good at it that people notice. With dreaming big you can work backwards, you can add a date and then the dream becomes a goal. The seemingly least talented Spice Girl became the most successful for no other reason than being fiercely determined and hard headed (Aries obviously) but also having the biggest dream out of all of them, she wanted to be a household name, she wanted to be more famous than ‘Persil Automatic’. She didn’t start out as a great designer, she was criticized and she will probably always be, but does she care, no she does not, does she carry on yes she does, does she practice as often as she can, yes she does.