Dimples & Daisies

Dimples and Daisies Photography and Liberty Photography are brands built on the following mission statement.
Everyone should be able to feel free and comfortable being themselves. When we invest time in a person and get to know them we allow them to show us their true nature. If we as photographers can connect with the ‘subject’ then so can the audience. A shoot with Dimples and Daisies should be liberating, exciting and a high energy experience for both parents and children. Mother’s should feel lighter after their shoot and children should feel free. In photography there are no mistakes, we are playing with light and love and nature. There is no room for negativity, judging or unkindness at a Dimples and Daisies or Liberty shoot. Women should feel free to tell us their stories if they wish to. Children should feel free to play. Dimples and Daisies Photography and Liberty Photography upmost stand for freedom, play and celebrating nature. 

Our main focus has always been on empowering women we have helped over 400 women at our Liberty shoots. At a Dimples and Daisies Liberty shoot you are taken on a cathartic experience where you will be encouraged to accept yourself as you are now, celebrate your inner goddess whilst confronting your body issues in a safe environment. During a liberty shoot we show you how to pose, we talk to you about rewiring your brain and how to ‘fake it until you become it’. As well as being a confidence booster at a ‘Liberty’ experience you will also be pampered, you will receive a make over, styling and copious amount of Prosecco or virgin cocktails. Lots of women get very nervous but our warm and experienced team is here to walk you through the whole process.

We also specialize in children’s portraiture, we capture your children amongst the best of the British countryside and coast. We have combed Hampshire, Sussex, South East Wiltshire and Surrey for the best that Britain has to offer. By combining the beautiful bluebell woods or the heavenly Lavender fields, or seas of gold in the barley fields, with an outstanding capture of the essence of your child, we are able to create timeless art for you to take home and treasure forever. Our aim is to let your children experience nature, we like to let them play and capture their natural expressions, children are naturally expressive and documenting delight is easy when children feel happy and relaxed.

Our team consists of four photographers, three are trained outdoor photographers and one is our studio photographer. All our photographers have fantastic people skills, high energy, warmth and maturity, with a natural ease of connecting with women and beautiful patience with children. This means we can capture you when you are at your twinkliest. At each Liberty shoot we have confidence coaches and motivational, they are there to make you feel special, go through your outfit changes, make sure you have everything you need, answer your questions and hold your hand from beginning to the end of the process. Our make up artists are there to accentuate your gorgeous features and get you the look you want to achieve.